Saturday, August 20, 2016

Theme Park Security

In the wake of the tragic Pulse Night Club shooting 2 months ago the Orlando area theme parks have heightened security measures such as metal detectors and additional personnel. The new security measures are designed to make large crowds safer while doing everything to not hinder the pleasure of the visitors on which Orlando relies so heavily.

In conjunction with the Orange and Osceola County Sheriffs, Fish & Wildlife Commission, and various emergency response agencies that are accustomed to processing large amounts of guests every effort is being made to guarantee a happy and memorable vacation for the millions of people around the world who choose to visit our great state.

Skull Island: Reign of Kong on-ride footage at Universal Orlando

Skull Island Reign of Kong opened in 2016 as Universal Orlando Islands of Adventure as it's newest and most promising attraction in some time. Skull Island is the remastered product of Universal engineering that replaces the old King Kong ride at Universal Studios that closed some years ago. It's popularity brought it back with modern day technology. Watch and see!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Universal Orlando Halloween Horror Nights 26

So it's almost that time of year again for Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando! Beginning September 16th through 31 October Halloween Horror Nights will host seven haunted houses: American Horror Story, The Repository, Krampus, Halloween (Hell Comes to Haddonfield), The Walking Dead, The Exorcist, and the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. They will put on three original houses: Lunatics Playground 3-D, Ghost Town, and Tomb of the Ancients along with 23 Scare Zones.

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Ticket price for a single day is $104.99 (Florida residents visit the web site for resident rates). Add-on prices will range from $55.99 (gate price) to 82.99 depending on which day you choose to go. You can also receive a $49.00 online discount as this ticket will be an add-on to a regular park ticket. 

Also explore Flex ticket pricing and Frequent Fear (multiple nights for one price). There are package rates available for overnighters and if you don't want to stay in one of Universal Orlando's four superb hotels or it's just not in the budget there are a variety of less expensive hotels just outside the gate or International Drive. Enjoy!

                                    (Photos are property of Universal Studios Orlando)