About Me

Hi bloggers.  My name is Kevin and I write about theme parks and various other attractions in the Central Florida area. I also write about other Florida sites of interest but primarily those in Orlando. I grew up in Orlando, Florida from before the age of three.  I'm married with three children, two of whom still live at home.  They're my quality control focus group when visiting the attractions. Who better than a child to give the right perspective on theme parks?  I write about theme parks as a father with a family.  I don't work for the industry and I don't endorse anybody.  I want to help families maximize the vacations in Central Florida as a guy who knows how expensive a vacation can be.  I welcome any related emails and questions so feel free.  I'll give you an honest answer because there's no profit margin to sway what I think.  Please keep in mind, it's only my opinion and experience I claim.  I just like to write and have always loved theme parks.  I also welcome you to join me on Twitter, Facebook, and Squidoo.  I hope you like what you read and see here and if you choose Orlando, Florida as your vacation I hope you love my home as much as I do.  Thank you for visiting!

                                                                                    - Kevin F. Skope -