Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Hurricane Matthew Update - October 10, 2016

Folks, Florida was hit by Hurricane Matthew on Thursday, October 6th. It was a Category 3/4 storm which traveled up the east coast into the Carolinas before dissipating and becoming less of a threat. Florida's east coast beaches received progressively worse weather as it travelled north.  The roads sustained surprisingly little damage but Stat Road A1A in Flagler just south of Jacksonville was closed in places due to hurricane washout and still remain closed.  Daytona and Volusia got a little less weather damage but received a lot of flooding. Hurricane Matthew dumped massive mounts of water on the Orlando area but it has mostly subsided by now.

The good news for Florida is that the theme parks and attractions are virtually 100% operational as Florida recovers.  Travel in and out of Orlando International Airport as well as Sanford-Orlando Airport are up and running with wait times being a little longer than usual but dissipating slowly.

If you have plans to come to Florida from today forward you will experience somewhat cooler temperatures as Hurricane Matthew created cooler seas and surface temps. There should be no reason to change any plans from this point so check with your reservations first by all means but you don't need to change your plans.  Florida is open for business.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Hurricane Matthew

If you are planning to come to Florida this week chances you are already here so you know the warnings about Hurricane Matthew. If you are sketchy on the updates I can give them to you now:

The southeastern coast of Florida is under hurricane watch from 5:41 PM, October 4th through 5:41 PM October 7th. The hurricane is expected to skirt the eastern shore and follow the coastline up past New England possibly never making landfall in the United States. Central Florida expects peak wind forecasts of about 50-65 MPH with gusts to 80 MPH. High winds and rain will accompany the storm which may bring damage to buildings and property. The window for tropical storm force activity is Thursday afternoon through Friday afternoon. Hurricane Matthew is presently situated in the strait between Haiti and Cuba off the coast of Guantanamo Bay.

Those who are here for theme parks and hotels will received emergency preparedness instructions from their hotels.  The parks will advise them of their status throughout the week and local broadcasts will keep you updated through the duration of the hurricane. 

Check with your airlines and any reservations you may have made for the week. Most accommodations will give credits for unused hotel rooms and attraction tickets.  We want you to come back if you can't come this week. I'll post local updates as they become relevant.Try not to worry.  We're used to it.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Florida Resident Discounts

There is never really an off season in Central Florida for vacationing families. Many years ago it was obvious that everybody went back north around Labor Day and returned at Thanksgiving but today we have a steady stream of travelers from all over our great country, Canada, South America, Europe, and Asia.

That having been said, there are brief lulls in the action and we are in one of those periods now.  So for Florida residents this is the time to enjoy deep discounts at the parks.  For example, Universal Studios offers up to $45 a day off gate prices, LEGOLAND gives $15, and Disney specializes in multi-day multi-park passes. One should consider package deals with all the parks if you want to spend more than one day as the discounts are much more enticing. Be sure to have your Florida driver license, voter ID card, utility bill, or some other form of ID when purchasing and entering the parks. Shop the Disney and Universal sites along with LEGOLAND, Sea World, and Busch Gardens for discount ideas.  The idea is to NEVER pay full price for anything and always ask for discounts at the parks and hotels.